Top 5 powerful benefits of digital marketing

18 Nov

Top 5 powerful benefits of digital marketing

If you had to select between spending all your budget on typical marketing on billboards and magazines, or targeting the right people on social media and using strategic SEO actions to reach your audience, then you should probably select second one.

Most of the right people are likely to come across your brand and marketing actions when done digitally, than if they were to concurrently drive past your billboard.

A lot of the bigger companies in your organisation’s domain may have already mastered digital marketing and may be acquiring a lot more traffic than your own business site. anyway, that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with it.

" Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble. "

Ian Schafer

Here are top 5 powerful reasons why you should focus more on digital marketing company for your business:

1. Cost-Effective

As said previously, you can work with whatever budget you have, whether this is 1000 or 10,000. In relation to advertising in print which can be very expensive to keep the magazine running, advertising on social media and Google may be a more affordable and more effective option.

There are technique such as pay-per-click where you only have to pay for each person that clicks through to your website, or alternatives such as sponsored posts, where you can place content on other websites for a fee, expecting that people will click through to your business site.

Plus, you know people aren’t going to throw your advert in the trunk and completely neglect it.


Let’s say that you’re advertising a men’s clothing brand specifically for denim pent on a billboard. The chances of a men passing it is just 50% – as the other 50% will be woman, and the chances of winning customers are even lower as many of people that pass not even want what you offer.

Anyway, marketing your business digitally would mean that you are free to select who sees the advertisement, making sure that it is only seen by those that are really interested. There are various digital marketing tools and options on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. that allow you to select the gender, occupation and geographical locations.

3. Keep Track on What Methods Are Working

It is simpler to keep track on what digital marketing actions are working for you. With platforms such as Google and Facebook Analytics, you can watch visitors activity and see if they interact, they click through to the website, how long time is spent on the page and whether they buying the product/service that you’re offering.

If you notice that one of your Facebook ads is getting a lot of response and click-through, but no conversions and time spent on the page is insignificant, then you will know that possibly the targeting needs to be changed.

4. Speedy

If you choose to advertise in your local news paper, then you need to wait at least a week for it to be established and for it to run. However, the internet is a pretty wise tool as you can post your current marketing campaigns at a click of a button.

Digital marketing allows you to directly spread your news, if you’ve won an award, if you’re doing something positive for the community or you’ve got a new creative product. People want to hear excellent things and we doubt visitors will care about a product launched a month ago as much as they would on the day of the launch.

5. Brings in Organic Traffic

To get organic traffic, you don’t need a massive budget. Using relevant keywords that help describe both your business and your products or services will help to get more traffic directly from search engines. Using tactical SEO can help you rank up in search engines and increase site traffic.

A business blog can be your place to interact with your customers and an audience, and answer each thing that they want to hear. If you keep an eye out on latest trends in your area, then you’ll see what is being talked about in the news and online. Customers often search for long tail keywords such as ‘how can I’ and ‘what happens if’ so it would be a extreme idea to answer these questions in your company blog.

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